This blog started out serving as a record of my travels across the globe, starting with my first solo trip to Paris in 2016. Now, it will be a record of all the adventures I I have as I trek across the globe to experience all I can.

Sans Peur is French for “without fear”. I truly believe that the best way to see the world is without hesitation,  diving into the unknown, and learning as much as you possibly can. I waited a number of years to travel, wanting to feel comfortable when I did it. But that’s the best part of traveling – it’s NOT comfortable! It’s out of your comfort zone, and you know what? That’s glorious. A healthy dose of caution is of course necessary, but you should never let fear prevent you from experiencing the plethora of gifts this world and it’s people have to offer you. I will try to capture the magic and beauty of the many places and people I visit, but most of all I hope to inspire anyone reading to get out there and see the world themselves.

Voyagez sans peur, mes amis!

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
Catching the winter sun behind Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

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