Porcelain Flowers and Farewells

Tuesday morning - my final hours in Martinique. I packed up my one bag and said goodbye to the little flat and cat. I drove north a bit to the Jardin de Balata, the national botanical gardens. I figured it was an easy visit for my last morning. I made it there after some harrowing... Continue Reading →

Trois Îslets, Beaches, and Rum

I woke up on Sunday morning to the sound of church choirs singing. There are a great number of church-going folk in Martinique, and as I had my breakfast on the front steps with Cali the cat, I could hear their hymns echoing up the valley. Sunday was my day in Trois Îslets, a piece... Continue Reading →

Waterfalls and Coastline Hikes

On the morning of April 1, 2017, I made coffee in the kitchen area of the room using the Nescafe I’d purchased the night before. I put together a meat and cheese sandwich and went out to sit on the front steps to eat breakfast looking out across the bay. Cali, Sara and Yanis’ cat,... Continue Reading →

Landing on a colorful jewel

I had wanted to go to the Caribbean for a long time. Mostly, I admit, due to a fascination with pirates. I wanted to see the true Caribbean though, not the touristy white sand beaches (though a pretty beach or two would be nice). Martinique is known as the Island of Flowers, and is an... Continue Reading →

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