Derry: City of Many Names

The city of Derry - or as it is otherwise known, Londonderry or Daire Calgaich or Derry and Strabane (whew!) - is a city dripping with history. Much of that history is rife with political turmoil, violence, and rivalries. Before I visited Derry, whenever someone mentioned the name, I just thought “the Troubles”. Now, I see the city for what it is today. A vibrant, beautiful, cultural capital of Northern Ireland that gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and enjoy a really good pint. 

Glamping it Up in Glenarm

It’s not often that you get to go camping on the grounds of a historic castle in Ireland. Not often that you get to fall asleep with a view of green fields and the open blue sea. And certainly not often in perhaps the most luxurious camping “pod” one can find. But that’s glamping in Glenarm!

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