Flying through the Cloud Forests

  We woke up Thursday morning to strong winds blowing through the valley of Boquete. Trees whipped back and forth, waving at us as we fought headwinds to walk to Sugar and Spice, a bustling breakfast joint on the main road. The pastry selection was overwhelming in the best way possible, and after enjoying a... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Sloths and La India Dormida

Valle del Anton is a sleepy town in Central Panama that is located in the crater of a volcano. It’s small yet quaint, and everywhere you look you are surrounded by verdant mountains. Having arrived rather late the previous evening, we all woke up bright and early to start exploring. Clayton and I were staying... Continue Reading →

The Canal and West of Casco

Monday dawned bright and clear, and Zach, Clayton, and I hopped on a bus to Miraflores Locks, a museum and viewing station for the Panama Canal just north of Panama City. The journey was fairly smooth, though we did get off a stop early in our confusion. Only when we were off the bus did... Continue Reading →

Bienvenido a Panamá!

  I think one of the most remarkable things about flying into Panama City is seeing all the ships out in the harbor waiting to cross through the Panama Canal. Yes, the skyscrapers are incredible with their unique architectural designs, dizzying heights, and sheer numbers. Yes, you saw the Atlantic a heartbeat ago but now... Continue Reading →

Voyager Sans Peur

Welcome to Sans Peur! Here I will be recording my many journeys across the globe. Sans Peur is French for "without fear". I truly believe that the best way to see the world is without hesitation,  diving into the unknown, and learning as much as you possibly can. I waited a number of years to... Continue Reading →

The Northern Lights

I was already drifting off as the tour bus pulled away from the hostel, my head bouncing against the cold window. I was arguably insane for attempting to see the Northern Lights that night - the last 36 hours had included flying across the ocean, a walking tour of the city, riding across lava fields... Continue Reading →

Porcelain Flowers and Farewells

Tuesday morning - my final hours in Martinique. I packed up my one bag and said goodbye to the little flat and cat. I drove north a bit to the Jardin de Balata, the national botanical gardens. I figured it was an easy visit for my last morning. I made it there after some harrowing... Continue Reading →

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